Finding Happiness


Its a new month. How time flies.

I got a wedding today. I dont really like weddings but well, people got married, so not much of a choice I suppposed 🙂

Thing about wedding is the impact it usually brings on me personally. It sort of remind me, when I was once upon a time finding my happiness.

About starting something small but to be very happy at the end.  Yeah, starting small but yet for a big life. Life of two people, living together as one. 

One of the most complicated thing that I ever find in this life is understanding another human being. I had a tough time understanding myself, so tell me about understanding another soul.  Its almost impossible.

But there are these things I  like to call patience and sacrifice. It blended really well for me and perhaps for many to survive this ‘little thing’ we are starting in life. Without these two, I suppose marriage will never work. Full stop.

To my good friend, Intan who got married today. I wish you well and happiness till the end of this time. Enjoy each other and may both of you blessed with kid soon. Then, everything will seem worth while 🙂 afterall.

To her, I must say both of you are still at the very much beginning of finding your happiness, but go ahead gurl find it, so good luck !

6 Replies to “Finding Happiness”

  1. if anybody want to have a memorable wedding photograph

    please contact me 🙂

    if the marriage dont work
    the picture is still there
    (touch wood)
    so either way its win win situation


  2. Since u r into photography and stuff
    I hope you are aware
    that if you want to see one thing that is fake
    find a photo !
    It will tell you a thousand lies 🙂


  3. well at least
    appreciate the hard work of the illusionist
    not easy to modify anyway

    but like those photo edry kru and linda bit*h
    many people said it was tampered
    but it wasnt
    now thats evidence! 🙂


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