Self Discovery

I was under quite ‘a’ stress yesterday.  Somethin’ came up and I was sad. I was misjudged and I did not like it.

So, I soaked myself in my room. Thinking. Talking to myself. Cursing. Crying. Trying so hard to fall asleep.

For a moment then, I realized I was actually doing my self discovery. I realized I was mainly talking about myself, myself and only myself  – about what my life has been all about.  About the choices that I have made in my life and am living with them.  About me surviving this whole episodes in MY life. Sigh.

I was cursing again and again at the same time. To myself mostly. God, I was stressed. And I terlelap while doing it?

Anyway, I managed to drag myself out of the bed this morning, still felt deep sad. Termenung lagi. Thinking lagi. Discovering lagi.

During this ‘self discovery’, I realized how much I went through in life. The ups. The downs.  I valuate. I telan. I terima. I redha. One thing, I know life is indeed not about all what I want. Its life as it is!.

Sometimes I feel so alone in a crowd. I feel numb in noises.

I took a long long deep breath. Try to be bit positive. Another long deep breath and hey, there are good things also for sure. May be it was just not my time  yet. So, I got up. Capai towel. Headed to the bathroom. And I took a longggggggggggggg hot shower this morning.

I did realize one thing now.

It is indeed good to do a self discovery every once in a while. Its like looking deep into your own self, feel your own pain and joy. You will appreciate things better. You WILL  feel better. Well, I know i did. 🙂

My decision for today : Lets have a good day ahead people.

3 Replies to “Self Discovery”

  1. The ups & downs are colours in our lives. We learn from yesterday, appreciate today and look forward for tomorrow. Hope u feel better now, babe.


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