My Nisfu Syaban

This is my personal journal.

This is not my first Nisfu Syaban definitely. I used to fast when it is nisfu syaban. Why I fast. Well everybody does. For pahala of course. So thats why I did it also. Personally, I must admit sometimes, of course as a Muslim, I ‘thought’ I know what is Nisfu Syaban, but do I really ‘know’ and ‘understand’ or menghayati the meaning of today? Hmmm.  Perhaps I have taken too many things for granted eh.

Anyway my Nisfu Syaban is  ‘the’ day when my old book is sealed and my new book will be opened tomorrow InsyaAllah. And this Nisfu Syaban is slightly different for me. I recited my yasin and not wanting to boast, but it felt good. I indeed another year older and wiser, hopefully. Amen. Well, like I said in the beginning this is my personal journal, so to me, I am syukur that I did that and hopefully, Allah will give me more opportunity to do more in my remaining years that I have.

I prayed for myself, my family, my parents and my dear muslim and muslimat friends. May Allah memberkati all of us with His kind mercy and love.  And lets look forward for a better barakah years ahead…

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