Saya Anak Malaysia !

Hello people

I must say I am quite a patriotic person 🙂 At times when I actually ‘into’ merdeka conversation with my kids, I can feel my bulu roma all meremang-remang and even worse, if my mood really into it, I can even have this tiny tears rolled down my cheek. Now tell me, is that patriotic or what? Hehe

Well, 31st August is nearing again. So we celebrate our 50th years this year eh. What a remarkable number. Congrats Malaysia and Malaysians!

There are massive stories on what we have achieved from the day one we Merdeka till today. The amount of sacrifices those before us who fought for our beloved Malaysia that noone could ever deny. Not me neither. No doubt about that.

One thing about us, being a typical, modern and young Malaysian, I know come Merdeka, there would be times  we ask ourselves, we ask our kids, we ask our community, we ask our leaders, we ask our bosses, our colleagues, our friends  what have we contributed to fill up the true meaning of Merdeka. And there would be all sort of answers. You name it.

What I want to share with you today in conjunction with this joyful celebration is the fact that way back in my Kampung, called Kampung Banggol in Kelantan, after 50 years of Merdeka, my sister and family among one of many familes that yet to enjoy what we called ‘air paip’!. Believe it people, they are still using air perigi! Well, yeah to some who got bit of money, they would buy some sort of an engine so that the water would come tru the normal pipes, but fact is it is still from air perigi!  And to add to the juicy part of this little ‘discovery’ is that Kampung Banggol is only 10 minutes drive to bandar Kota Bharu.

Yeah yeah, I am sure many others shared the same experience still after all these years. You might say, ala… so what?  Got what poorer than that.  Yup very true indeed people. But did it ever occur to you, we actually have been merdeka for the SOLID FIFTY YEARS ALREADY ! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13, …..23,25,26…34,35,36… OMG.  Hmmm

Yep true so what right, but what is so sad is that (well to me at least), while I am being so emotional and so patriotic about the whole Merdeka thing, but hey are we truly merdeka when while spending millions every year for a huge merdeka celebration, bit of us Malaysian are still risking their lives by drinking some air perigi without proper cleansing procedure and something we called ‘clorin’?

To tell you quite honestly, everytime come 31st August, I would proudly shout to the world, Hey, Saya Anak Malaysia..and I am merdeka… but kakak saya for the past fifty years still using air perigi for her daily usage 😦

Now I am sad.

Well anyway, to her and others in Kampung Banggol, lets pray hard that we do not have to wait for another 50 years to enjoy the air paip eh.  Amen….. oh and, Merdeka ? Merdeka? Merdeka ?? 

4 Replies to “Saya Anak Malaysia !”

  1. Hani!
    Selamat menyambut merdeka.

    Ah, air perigi. Deja vu. I am always emotional when thinking of perigi and telaga. Early 80s, my villahe in Cina Kecil, Melaka, had pipe water as well as perigi not 50 feet away from the house, down a ravine. I always preferred to take my bath at the perigi. Kain sarung, cold cold water, one with nature.

    Bila ada perigi, maksunya masih ada nature.

    Today, di Puchong, air pipe semata-mata. The nearest perigi is, entahlah. There are very few trees around and we have airconditioner for all rooms, so cold that we need warm water instead of the cold of perigi water.

    Give me back a perigi, anytime.


  2. Hey Rocky’s bru 🙂
    For a moment i totally agree with you there
    ‘Give me back a perigi, anytime’
    Yeah sure the water is cold and with nature for mandi
    every once in a while eh
    well try
    drink it
    eat it
    wash it
    for FIFTY years
    perhaps you would come back and tell me another story? 🙂
    Take care


  3. im sure whoever bath with air perigi
    got nice skin eh
    let me see your skin
    errr…im sure ur sister’s skin even better

    on this 50th merdeka
    lets just pray
    so God will save Malaysia
    make it more peaceful
    make young generation more better than us
    and we can live in harmony etc

    about the perigi
    maybe air terjun is better


  4. Me myself never knew skin is associated with some air paip or perigi
    ‘Susuk’ yes I know sometimes improves the quality of ur skin tho 🙂
    but anyway
    Pray it is for better Malaysia

    and about the air terjun
    God U must see ours in Kelantan for real!
    Nothing compares to what u have here in KL


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