I hit my 1,000 today :)


Guess what??

Somethin’ Light hits its 1,000 visitors today, must say after less then two months. Errr got aaa 1,000 people read this crap blog of mine. Ha ha ha. :))

But anyway, 3/4 of the visitors i know are my regular dear visitors. Hey gang, I think you know who you are. He he… So, what do I say to u guys but thank you. Infact, thank you very much. It felt good really. On my part, I felt much better everytime after I penned something down. Its like, I m feeling and going tru it, and how nice would it be, that I am actually sharing it with you people.

So, let me celebrate eh !

Take care and I love you guys… 🙂

2 Replies to “I hit my 1,000 today :)”

  1. Congrats on your first 1000 hits
    im sure even tho u know 3/4 of ur fans here (incl me)
    the blog does mean something to me at least

    and its not a crap blog..at least not totally.. 🙂


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