True Meaning Of Merdeka.. ERRRR


This is so hillarious.

Betul la afterall, too often I heard people say if you want some honest (yet ntah apa apa) answers to whatever inside your head, ask your kid! (but please make sure they are at least four years and above, baru thrill sikit kot).

So anyway, I was getting ready to retire for the day last nite and was reading some routine stories with my six and four year olds. Out of nowhere, we end up talking about merdeka. How it started eh? oh yeah, My Sarah Kamilia suddenly was miming to this merdeka song. 

Let me make this is interesting eh.

Me : “eh Sarah, what song are you singing?”

Sarah : “New song teacher taught me in my tadika”.

Me :”oh, its about merdeka ya sayang”. 

Sarah : “yes ibu”

Me :” And do you think you know what merdeka means”.

Sarah :”Oh yeah I know and this is datuk merdeka’s song!, datuk sang this song during merdeka.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha kikikihkihkih. OMG 😛

(‘Datuk’ merdeka song? Was she referring to Tunku or what…)

And to add up to that, my Syaza tiba tiba dengan selambanya menyampuk (and of course sambil hisap jari).

Syaza : “eh  Atuk tak leh nyanyi lah,  Atuk sakit, Atuk tak leh jalan..”

(OMG, she must be thinking Sarah was talking about their very own ‘datuk’ lah tuh because their datuk has been paralysed from stroke attack for the past six years!). 

And I? end up ketawa sampai tertido…. hehe 😀

So anyway, I wish you can hear the joke with me. Pecah perut I tell you…..

Oh and, now i tetiba realized one thing, it is indeed my responsibility to explain to my kids what merdeka really means. Hmmmm perhaps tonite then.

But seriously, if you want to have a good laugh or hear to some ‘live’ jokes, ask your kid something. Anything. Enjoy their answers people ! 🙂

2 Replies to “True Meaning Of Merdeka.. ERRRR”

  1. hehehe.. One kid’s joke i will never forget when my son Arief was 5. He was watching me cleaning siput sedut with curious face. So gave him a few to observe and tell him.. cuba letak kat telinga boleh dengar dia cakap tak? And he replied confidently.. boleh. I asked him again.. apa dia kata? He answered back..

    Entah.. adik tatau.. dia cakap Cina

    hahahahhaa… terkono den


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