A Promise I Can’t Keep

😦 I felt terrible. Lousy. Nausea. Dizzy. 3 in 1 feeling sort of. Sigh.

Sincerely, I hate to make a promise that I cant keep. It breaks my heart everytime. I know how sad it is to live to a promise that people dont keep up with me, hence I feel for people who I cant keep a promise with. To some extend, its almost a betrayal.

But thing is, sometimes things happened which I wish it did not but hey it did. No matter how painful it is, we all do need to put up with terrible incidents sometimes. Let it be speakable or unspeakable. Big or small.

I may not know many people in this short life of mine but to those who I have hurt along the way, from this little yet deepest corner of my heart, I truly am sorry 😦 I wish I could have done something. Trust me, if only possible we all would, right.

May be it is indeed true, promises are made only to be broken. Next time round, may be I try not to do another promise… 😦

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