My Grammar (Part I)

Hello people 🙂

Been wanting to write something here. Lots of stories I want to pen down actually but tu lah, the ‘m’ disease that I was mentioning much earlier seems to still tagging me. Sigh.

But anyway, from my schooling days in my kampung, somehow or rather, at such a young age, I have always been attracted to grammar.  It may not be important to some, but it is indeed for me. I used to tell myself, making an error while talking in English specifically is ok but try to use a correct grammar at least… 

Well obviously, I did not correct just myself eventually 🙂 hehe.  I however, later decided also to become a grammar teacher for those who at least are staying with me under the same roof 🙂 Sorry guys..

Anyway, starting from today, lets try to use this blog of mine to actually share a bit of knowledge on grammar eh. And for a start, here goes :

EX-ceptional Words

1. A Strong cup of coffee is pronounced “espresso” and not “Expresso”

2. A quick getaway is pronounced “escape” and not “excape

3. The abbreviation “etc” is pronounced “et cetera” and not “ex cetera“.

4.  A word meaning “much more ” is pronounced  “especially” and not “expecially”.

Hey, this is cool.  A knowledge a day shall bring us a long way in life eh 🙂

Take care people.

* The Star, every wed.

5 Replies to “My Grammar (Part I)”

  1. yeah i noticed also
    some people pronounce anonymous = anoy na mous
    some more the spelling is exactly like wrong ones

    kecek london ke kecek kelate ke
    kita orang malaysia


  2. If that is how U see your merdeka then thank God we live in this peaceful Malaysia 🙂
    And, errr I think what you’ re trying to say is get shot? 🙂
    We all learn something each day, dont we?


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