Sarah Kamilia’s Very First Dentist Visit


Hey people 🙂

You know what they say, there is always a first time to everything eh 🙂

So today, Saturday 18 August 2007 was my dangdut daughter’s first visit to her dentist to pull out her first gigi susu yang dah bergoyang for the past few days.

Must admit, I am more scared than her. He he. Since her daddy is away outstation so it was my turn to take her. I tried to remain calm for her even inside my heart, I was like dup dap dup dap. Hehe

But hey, seminit jer rupanya. And turns out my Sarah is indeed a brave little girl! So proud of her. So to Sarah, take extra care of  your teeth now please coz the new one that is coming out is going to remain with you for as long as you can remember..

Oh also, must mention this. She eventually insists to tanam her gigi ! Ha ha ha….

Have a great weekend people 🙂

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