What A Day It Is !


My office where I worked participated in this My Career & Education Fair 2007 being held in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from 17th – 19th August 2007.

As a gesture of a moral support for the company that I love much (for the time being 🙂 ) and to my colleagues on duty, me and few other friends end up there over lunch.

My god ramainya orang. Never knew this many of graduates are actually looking for job. For a moment, I am thankful that I already have a job 🙂

We had lunch and over in the car when we were about to exit, I realized the parking ticket is not there. Errrrrr, I lost it? 

After much ransack here and there (sigh), I decided to go and report and pay the fine. I know there would some fine somewhere. What I did not know is that a fine for lost of a parking ticket in Mid Valley, Megamall is taxingly caused me RM 50 !

I was like what ??&#*% .

Hey I can buy a brand new shoe ma…

Well, I guess me and my mistake huh. So paid I did and then blah 😦

It has indeed been a day… sigh.

4 Replies to “What A Day It Is !”

  1. erkkss… ooo no!!!! After the car key, atm pin no, now parking ticket??? oo dear

    Anyway.. sometime it happens. I lost my ticket at KLCC which cost me RM20 and another ticket at Ampang Point, RM30 haha


  2. Actually this is my second time also 🙂 Last time Mega Mall only caused me rm20! I only want to be positive about the whole thing hoping there wont be any third time.


  3. sometimes women with big handbag means big responsibility also. Men are obviously not helping by only carrying a small wallet 🙂 cheers !


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