Nothing new, but read this


 A British airways flight was going to Teheran from London. When it gets close to Teheran it starts having some kind of trouble. The pilot contacts the air tower at Teheran airport and asks for help:“Teheran, this is Captain Smith, British Airways flight 000, do you read?”

“flight 000, dis iz tehran felight contorol, go ahead”

“teheran , this is flight 000, we have a problem”

“dis iz tehran , vat kind of peroblem?”

“this is flight 000, we have lost power to our engines, please advise”

“dis iz tehran , I reed you, peleez check some things for me, ok?”

“this is flight 000, go ahead”

“dis iz tehran , can you get emergency power to your engines?”

“this is flight 000, negative, no power is available”

“dis iz tehran , can you peleez bering your altitude to 20,000 feet?”

“this is flight 000, negative, our wing controls do not respond”

“dis iz tehran , can you peleez see if you can lower your veels?”

“this is flight 000, negative, landing gears are stuck”

“dis iz tehran , would you peleez repeet thez words after me”

“this is flight 000, go ahead”

“dis iz Tehran , repeat thez words peleez: Ashado ala elahailallah wa ashado an Mohammadan rasul Allah”



4 Replies to “Nothing new, but read this”

  1. hello, i’m hafuzu/ooz. my first time here. finally, i found a nice blog.

    ooz tak jumpa lak contact Hani or any blogroll kat sini. i just build a blog recently, so ingat nak tukar-tukar link. ooz masih baru dalam hal-hal blogging ni, hope we can SHARE info together to improve ourself.

    u said “I just simply want to share, express and question my own logic in viewing life.”

    Hani, u r just like me. i love logic and simplicity.


  2. Hey there Hafuzu 🙂 It makes both of us then. I am new myself but this thing is interesting really. I think its a way of communicating and networking. Personally, i think there is really no ‘logic’ really to life but hey it goes on eh. I must thank you for dropping in and please e mail me at if there is anything I can be of help. Take care.


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