Butakah Cinta Atau Butakah Kita

Hello world

I am fasting today so my day crawls like a tortoise. A dear friend over YM Chat buzzed me and sound distressed. We chatted intensively about the sacred lovey-lovey topic.

Some say, love is not blind, never is really but those who is in love is blind or they choose to close their eyes when it comes to love, so blind-lah !

Well, to me Love is the most ultimate thing in life.  In my life at least. We love our Al Mighty Allah SWT,  our family,  friends,  pets, work, hobbies… U name it-lah.  We live to love.  Its like we live to eat?  hm…. or is it the other way round. 

And bila dah cinta, OMG we actually ‘allowed’ the feeling to rule us !, other that the feeling of love, relatively the rest of other things become least important –  that we simply do not care about anything else that is happening around us. Worst we restrained ourselves from ‘listening’ anymore to what what people might say or think . We become numb. Everything seemed to stop for awhile there, when bercinta. Hmmm why ek??

This is when jokes like, alah masa bercinta makan ABC pun share satu mangkuk, but soon from there, where got kenyang sharing-sharing 😀

But whatever it is that all of us is thinking at this right very moment, while reading this post – personally I would believe, all of us, at least once in this short life, we do get blinded by love, dont we?  hey c’mon lah…

Take a step back for awhile and be truthful to ourself and honestly, we do , dont we? – jadi buta bila bercinta ??  Well, at least we are normal? And yang penting, thank god soon after, we moved on and becoming better…

Ok now you tell me people, honest, shall me change this phrase to Cinta Tidak Pernah Buta, Tetapi Butakah Orang Yang Bercinta?? 😀

5 Replies to “Butakah Cinta Atau Butakah Kita”

  1. cinta tak pernah buta
    but buta can become cinta
    thats what happen to married couple
    they butakan mata hati
    kerana cinta?

    but when u say u love somebody
    u just do?
    how can u buta on that?

    my 2 cents


  2. When u say u love somebody, I am sure noone ever buta. Instead kerana kita butalah, lantas kita melafazkan cinta.

    Now, thats my 3 cents worth 🙂


  3. The problem with this evergreen topic is that most of us are confused with CINTA and SAYANG.We are so excited to declare LOVE when we LIKE someone.To care and like someone is still insufficient to declare our LOVE to that person.LOVE is more than that. Sometimes in a relationship we can still care and liked the company of someone but LOVE is still not in the ‘air’.Why are we still admiring other guys/gals eventhough we still have the other half of us around. To me the answer is/are LOVE is not there in our marriage or we are looking at others because we care and liked the other person without the element of LOVE yet, but when LOVE starts to blossom then its time to decide……luahan pagi.


  4. “aku ingin engkau selalu
    hadir dan temani aku
    Disetiap langkah Yang meyakiniku
    Kau tercipta untukku…”

    love such a strong word
    dont say it if you dont mean it
    to care for someone is not love i agree
    but when u think that u feel more then care it is
    then u have reach the level ‘love’
    to be or not to be like Shakespeare said it


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