MY Mak Itam


Hey 🙂

This is a special person. A biras that turns mom.  Eh chop, she is my other half’s auntie, so is she my biras? Hmm

But anyway, this is her.  Please be introduced. And, I just have to write about her. She was one of the first autie that I get to know during my courting days many years back. She came all the way from Singapore to my wedding wayyyyyyyyyyy in Kelantan then and was very bising mengutuk I gak time tuh. Hehe

I must say I grew up in this ‘side’ of family with her. I ADORE her. She can be very bising and harsh at times but I just simply loves her. In my heart, personally she has the kindest heart any person can have. There is just no word really to describe a person like my Mak Itam.

So anyway, as usual, she again came down during that BBQ that we had over the weekend. If not for her, really rasa I tak buat pun kot the bbq tuh. hehe

This special lady is joyfully married and blessed with three wonderful girls and quite recently is even more blessed with a Cucu. 🙂

To MY Mak Itam, from the bottom of my heart, I dont really know what to say but I love you. You are like my very own mother. I doa to Allah everyday that you will be blessed with great health (dont forget to take the medication eh) and InsyaAllah, God willing we shall have many more occasions to celebrate eh.

And girls… please take care of her kay !

2 Replies to “MY Mak Itam”

  1. wares my pics???!!!! uwWAaaaaaaa… thank you so much for adoring MY MUM dat much…. she a great mum…. splendid ….i BERSYUKUR to get her as a mum… WORRY not… i PROMISE TO TAKE care of her if other of my siblings DUN WAN k…..


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