Birthdays are over, welcome tiredness

Hey there people 🙂

What a great weekend it was. The party was glorious. We did nothing but eat and eat and eat till about midnite Saturday. I am glad everything went well and hopefully everybody was kenyang.

Missed few beloved tho, but its indeed a busy world. So I understand 🙂

Above all, my Syaza had fun. It was her birthday mostly. So, what is my tiredness compared to her happiness. Oh and I will post some photos soon eh.

Till then, take care people.

3 Replies to “Birthdays are over, welcome tiredness”

  1. hello….

    oh yes… it was damn challenging driving back convoying wif my dad… for starters- dad drive like there’s no TOMORROW… i mean DAT IS A HELL OF MEAN MACHINE!!… hehehhe although me n shah swop places and eVEN me behind the wheels cant NEVER catch up wif dad!! hehehehhehehe….

    Thank God… hes going to trade in and buy the HONDA Airwave TOOO!!! To dad—– REVENGE is on the way…. so keep praticising wokey!!… FYI- we both on MC for two days… wakakkakkakak its been AGESSS we drove that long… usual we just go touring wif bikes!!!

    dats abt it….. take care!! muackss…


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