My Sedara Coming Down


July frankly is seriously my birthday month of the year. There are three major birthdays come July. So plus mine, four all together.

Therefore, there will be a bbq birthday party tomorrow @ my place. To my dearest gang, hope u guys can make it ya šŸ˜¦ (muka merajuk if tak datang?).

And also, my favourite auntie and cousins coming down from Singapore arriving today insyallah maghrib time.Ā  Yaaayyyy ….

My kids are thrilled, what more me eh.

So, lets look forward for tomorrow. Bit sad tho that my baby cant make it coz its not her time to come back from hostel. Sigh. Sori baby, hope u understand…

2 Replies to “My Sedara Coming Down”

  1. thank you for the great hospitality… although this time round I DIDNT MANAGE TO GET ANYTING FREE FROM YOU!!HEHEHEHE tertiba menyesal plak nak kaawin nie… dah tak dpt BENDA FREE>….opPPPss.. sori shah dearie!!

    Shah says hes had a “blast” time spending time wif ur lovely kidz….plus the mummy n daddy too!! hope to see you guys on FEBRUARI !!!!

    will upload the pics at my website by this weekend!!! so take care and nice to Finnally get to see my Most FAV cousins – MIZA… boy!! how fast she has grown into a fine lady!!!

    see you guysz in FEB!!


    BOTH OF US….


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