The University of Hard Knocks (The ‘ONLY’ Book That I Managed To Finish Reading)

book.jpg     Hello there ! 🙂

One thing I never really ‘ikhlas’ doing from those days is reading. Why ‘no ikhlas’? Well, schooling day, I dont really like to read school books but had no choice but to do so to pass the series of exams. Then come working life, I landed in Berita Harian for half a century (he he), all sorts of suratkhabar on my table, so no read, rugi aaa 🙂

But this one particular book, The University of Hard Knocks is something not to be missed – i must say.

Light reading, interesting phrases and very bersemangat reading it 🙂 . Personally, it makes me see this life clearer tru this book.

Let me just share few of my favourite segments eh 🙂

The Coffeepots of Life

You see, my mother’s way was to tell me and then let me do as I pleased. She told me not to get the coffeepot and then let me get it, knowing that it would burn me. She would say, “Don’t”. The she would go on with her knitting and let me do as I pleased.

Why dont’ mothers knit today?

Mother would say, “Dont fall in the well.”. I could go and jump in the well after that and she would not look at me. I do not argue that this is the way to raise children, but I insist that this was the most kind and effective way I know of to rear one stubborn person. The neighbours often said my mother was cruel with that angel child. But the neigbors did not know what kind of an insect mother was trying to raise. Mother knew. She knew how stubborn and self-willed I was. It came from father’s ‘side of the family’.

Mother knew that to argue with me was to flatter me. Tell me, serve notice upon me, and then let me go ahead and get my coffee pot. That was the quickest and kindest way to teach me.

I learned very quickly that if I did not hear mother and heed, a coffeepot would spill on me. I cannot remember when I disobeyed my mother that a coffeepot of some kind did not spill upon me, and I got my blisters. Mother di not inflict them. Mother was not much of an inflicter. Father attended to that.

True Greatness

Greatness is measured in spiritual terms. It is education. It is life expansion.

We go up from selfishness to unselfishness

We go up from impurity to purity

We go up from unhappiness to happiness

We go up from weakness to strength

We go up from low ideals to high ideals

We go up from litte vision to greater vision

We go up from foolishness to wisdom

We go up from fear to faith

We go up from ignorance to understanding

We go up by our own personal efforts. We go up by our own service, sacrife, struggle and ond overcoming. We pust out our own skyline. We rise above our own obstacles. We learn to see, hear, hold and understand.

We may become very great, very educated, rise very high, and yet not leave our home or business. We take our home or business right up with us! We make it a great home or great business. It becomes our throne room!

But above all, this is my MOSSST favourite 🙂

How long it takes to learn some things ! I think It took me thirty-four years learning one sentence, “You cant get something for nothing”. I still have not learned it. Every few days I stumble over it somewhere.

For that sentence utters one of the fundamentals of life that underlies every field of activity.

 Enjoy reading people !

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