An Outing With My Son

He he

You wont believe what me and my son just did. I fetched him from school from his co curricular and landed in cyber cafe? Opps, dont tell ur dad eh 🙂

Anyway, so this what cyber cafe is all about.  Gosh I feel old tetiba. The place is so cool and not to mention the number of people who are actually in there.

Well, u know what they say. Always a first time to something?. Therefore, I am glad that me and him today landed here. New place, new environment, new things learned. Oh and why I landed here? Well, must admit I am new maa into this blogging thing, and a dear friend willingly to teach few things, so here we are la.

So anyway, hope u enjoyed my new layout, links and whatever. I hope these will help in what way or another eh. So, need to hurry back. Enjoy the rest of the blog !


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