Katharine Hamnett – My Dream Watch


I am on top of the world today ! My beloved and dearest ‘cool’ boss has decided to give me A Katharine Hamnett Watch as a birthday present. OMG 🙂

To him and wife, thank you so much. You guys been too kind really and God, I m dancing on top of the world right now !!

2 Replies to “Katharine Hamnett – My Dream Watch”

  1. Congrats for getting the adorable gift especially it is from the Boss himself meaning you have a very good and happy work environment. However there maybe some ‘people’ out there who misses you so much who has no gifts to offer but are not able to surface due to some unexplained circumstances. Many happy returns for the future.


  2. 🙂
    Hey look who has decided to come and visit. It was indeed a pleasant gift but personally,I must say its that ‘thought’ that really bring much happiness to this life. To ‘whoever’ that misses me out there, please know that I miss that ‘whoever also’ 🙂 It has been quite awhile. BTW, Hope u had fun reading and enjoying life yourself. Take care !


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