It Only Takes Five Minutes

Hey people 🙂

Happy Monday. Even to some people, monday is usually the ‘blue’ one.

Anyway, beginning of this new fresh week, lets share bit of information which only takes FIVE minutes to a healthier us. Ayoo got aaa?

 Here goes,

8 strategies to reduce our stress, sleeps better, enhance our sex life and more perhaps,

1.  MAKE FRIENDS AT THE OFFICE – People who have close pals at the work are less likely to experience stress.  (Dont we all have many friends in the office, but good one eh? Friends everywhere if u ask me, but to get a good one, hmm.. might take a little longer?).

2.  ADD COCOA TO YOUR COFFEE (NO! Im on Diet!!) – Research shows and confirms that cocoa contains more cancer-and-heart-disease-fighting antioxidants than dark, baking or milk choc. Plus, it packs fewer than 10 calories per teaspoon and has zero fat (thank God!! 🙂 ).

3.  CLEAN UP YOUR CONTACTS – Simply plunking your lenses into the case each night won’t protect you from eye infections. Hand washed, gently rub each lens with a few drops of cleaning solution to disclodge bacteria and fungi as well as surface grit. Then place the lenses in a solution-filled case overnight.

4.  BE READY TO SAVE YOUR LIFE –  Post all emergency numbers e.g police, ambulance, hospitals etc next to all your phones and program it into your cell phone.

5.  STOP STILETTO PAIN –  Gang, avoid high hills? (Errrr). Anyway, it says high heels will put extra pressure on the balls of our feet after a long day at workplace.

But not to sacrife our style, please place a full-length shock-absorbing insert, available in drugstores, in all our higg heels. The padding eases pain by shifting our weight away from the specific pressure points where the bones in the foot hit the pavement. Fuhh…

6.  GET AN EVENING WAKE-UP CALL –  Simply put an alarm, say one hour ahead prior to our bed time to begin the pre-bedtime routine, which is ESSENTIAL for a good night’s rest.

7.  CALL YOUR DAD – huh? Ha ha ha. What they mean is to get our health history from our parents since knowing our risks will help to motivate ourselves to do self-exams and to live a healthier style of living.

8.  SEND A TEXT MESSAGE – (I like this one 🙂 ) Firing off a flirty text message to your significant other is a form of mental foreplay ! In addition to the bonding benefits, both parties will experience a surge in mood-boosting hormones. So, deliver a line or two midday, and be as sweet or as suggestive as we like.  Fuyo.. see told ya, this one is cool :).

There ! it only takes five minutes maa and we live longer ? Nice….

* courtesy Shape, August 07

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