I have Sex Three Times A Year (Its an article?)

Errr not me? 🙂

I was reading this interesting article on Her World, August 2007 issue under Feature that wrote about this long distance relationship. God this is one thing I personally could never deal or adapt.  Its 200 % impossible. Ah ah, not me!. Full stop.

I could not be agreeing more with this article when it says daytime is not that one that is so bad. We can definitely keep ourself busy during the daytime but the hours at night that are the worst.

The loneliness messes with our mind. Now thats the alarming part. We are still human afterall anyway.

Thus, please read below what the counsellors says the ways and means that could help our friends out there who is currently into a distance relationship.

1.  TALK ALL THE TIME – constant communication keeps the relationship strong. Marriages aren’t like mother-and-child relationships, where there is already a bond. They take effort to grow.

2.  IT IS NOT ENOUGH – knowing that you love each other and leaving it at that. Any effort to make contact helps strengthen the marriage and makes the other party feel less lonely.

3.  THE MOST COMMON METHODS – of keeping in touch are phone calls, e mails, SMSes and internat messagings. Try also new Web communications, tools like Skype.

4.  KNOW WHAT YOU WANT – at a different points of a marriage, absence can either weaken or strengthen a relationship. Some poeple find it harder to cope alone, while others relish the opportunity to be independent.

5.  WHAT IS IMPORTANT – is to be aware of both your needs and acknowledge them together. Are your goals on the same track, and are they what both of you want.

6.  THE BOTTOM LINE – is that both partners have needs, which, if not met, could wind up being satisfied outside the marriage. If the two of you can’t come to an agreement, see a counsellor to come up with the plan that works.

 Ok, hope those bit of info relieves a bit. So, good luck people. But again, hey life is short, why make it so complicated 🙂

 Enjoy !

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