Ok this is one interesting fact that I find so amusing that I just MUST share with you people.


That is the number of times we, Malaysians have sex in a year !. Oops..  According to research, malaysians have also lost our sense of adventure and interest, with only 38 percent of the respondents claiming to be fully satisfied with their sex lives.  Hmmm

Ok gang, let us quickly do a simple math here. 115 in a year out of that 365 days (not even half of the days – unbelievable 🙂 ). Lets tolak the ‘cuti’ time kay. Say it leaves us, 275 days and out of that 275 days, the ratio for sex is 115. 

Oh ok, cant help but to wonder what happened to the rest of the days eh. Exactly what happened to the balance of ‘the’ 160 days !

Fuyo life is really short you know,  so over to you gang ! 🙂

** courtesy Her World, August 2007

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