Much On My Mind Today


My outstation friends landed at my home this morning at 2 am.  They were on their way to Bali for a short holiday. They made a stop before KLIA.  Yeeha! Enjoy gang. Life is indeed short (too common), therefore live to its fullest.

As for me, cant really sleep soon after till morning. Too many things inside my head. I felt different and sad for no particular reason. You been there? You know how i feel? Sigh.

There would be times, I supposed all of us sometimes feel low for no particular reason at all. But we know, there is something inside our mind. Something that bothers, but we are just having difficulty identifying.

Weekend is fast approaching. Time really flies.  I know I need to do something but what is it??? Or perhaps, I do not have the courage, I dont know what to do, I cant decide? God, I dont know.

This sound stupid really but i hope this thing wont stay too long.  Hani, get up!

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