Relationship in a Relationship

Hey 🙂

What is that?? Errr.. relationship in a relationship? Well, am not too sure myself but I just got to write this one.  Its been inside my head for as long as I can remember.  Lets share this one eh.

Relationship is a big word. But lets narrow this one to just a relationship of a man and a woman. Narrowed it to Mr and Mrs.  Married?

Affair ke?  God I hate this word. So, lets not use it. I feel this is one point many of us keep on missing. Any intro to this relationship in a relationship is ‘affair’. Duh… I personally believe, some relationship is not even close to be categorized as an ‘affair’. Its just a relationship of two human beings that are in touch with each other. Really, many times thats about it.

So anyway,  this is a very sensitive thing i m aware but came accross too often that I feel the urge to pen this down. This topic simply means, having a relationship while being married.  I want to crack my head on this one finding all the whys and the answers, so let make this an open discussion while I extract how I see this issue from my one eye.

This has becoming ‘the’ thing nowadays. People dont feel guilty anymore. Well, it is merely a relationship maaa. Well to me, there are always pros and cons in anything. The results usually would depend very much on how we deal with it.

While it can be sinful, bad and all the bla bla thing,  it can also enhance one person as a an individual. It can be a good thing, again depends on how we handle this thing. It may make oneself a better individual really and it can.

Oneself look forward to life in a happier mood, thats one thing. Therefore, it will enhance our health. Less stress and happier?  They make better decisions because they are fully aware of what they want in their life with their present commitments.  Whoever they are, are wide awake in realizing that they have already committed in a relationship, therefore they usually set their boundaries.  Decicions are better made because they know what they want in life. Oneself also see things cleary while already in a relationship and into another relationship simply because they know already what to expect.  Nothing really differ in any relationship in this universe. The requirements and the results would mostly be the same, trust me, so what’s new.  They are the expert?? 🙂

As complicated as it may seem to some people, now come the whys part.  Well, again I think many many things actually contribute to this one. No one to blame really. It just happened.  Some may go looking but mostly it just took place. Full stop. Reason for the full stop because I think personally, if we really go looking around for reasons, we wont have enough time in our history of living to actually explain our heart out for the reasons.  It just happened, one way or another.

Before any of us can actually realize what is going one, the other relationship is ongoing already.

I sincerely hope should one fine day (hopefully the day is ‘really’ fine) any of us is in a relationship and into another relationship, please ketuk-ketuk (my fovourite word 🙂 ) our head and remind ourself to be cautious of what is going on. Now that is very crucial and important.

The worst thing that could happen and please avoid to happen is if another human being is being hurt.  😦

Possible it is but lets work our heart out of not hurting another soul. Amen.

I am not good at advising, but like I said, its been banging inside my head. Been asked and discussed too many times and I  just need to put this down.  So, while reminding myself to be careful as well with this delicate situation, I hope this can be sort of a reminder for many of us who is currently in a relationship and going towards another relationship.

Again, least to offend anybody, it is indeed just a reminder for myself ultimately 🙂


4 Replies to “Relationship in a Relationship”

  1. It is indeed very rare to meet someone who has an ‘open mind’ about these so called ‘affairs’. Only the personalities involved are able to define and draw the boundaries btw. a ‘clean’ and an ‘unhealthty’affair. Emotions are not easy to ‘conceal’ or ‘reveal’but sometimes
    due to excessive obsession with the relationship negative ‘doings’ might surface and this would lead to unhealthy comments from others. Whatever if our intention is not to hurt any party/ies then ‘tepuk dada tanya selera'(betul lah tu agaknya)


  2. when a man and a woman become friends
    they are friends
    but when one side is asking for something more
    and you dont want ‘it’
    but you still want to maintain the rship
    then its you who wants the friendship to become affair
    you meet them again and again
    its not going to stop
    by the end of the day
    when you can relax and think about it
    its actually you want ‘it’ to happen


  3. Like I said this kinda thin’ is indeed delicate. Noone is actually entitled to really say anything since only oneself who knows. At the end of the very day, ikut hati mati and ikut rasa binasa. Careful people 🙂


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