My Syaza Irdina Blossomly Turns Four !

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Hey Hey people 🙂

31st July 2007. It is Syaza birth day today. She will turn Four later maghrib time. Empat tayun!  So to her,  May Allah blesses you with love, health and all the happiness in the world. One of my many doa is that today, please stop hisap jari!

Syaza actually has a history on her own. She was scanned and the doctor told me there is a ‘boy’ inside my stomach. I lived with that news until I am into my sixth month of pregnancy.

On that day, when she finally turned ‘girl’ (hehe) i remember crying outloud in the doctor’s room.  Why the cry? Well, stupid me eh. Fact that today, I thank Allah everyday that she came out as healthy (as a girl)  as you can imagine.

The wonder part if you ask me, now that she is four, again blame it on my stupidity, she can easily  be mistaken for a boy if not for her cutie face. Why? Ok one thing, she is so lasak and rough like a boy, i tell you. The other day, when we actually bought her a new baju, she was like, rock man!!  OMG

So, moral of the story is, as strange as it may sound to believe, the connection emotionally that we have as a mother and the unborn baby is indeed can be so true.  Call it myth or whatever but Syaza has proven me wrong? While carrying her for that first six months, and being dillusioned with the idea that I was pregnant with a boy (blame it on the wrong diagnosis by the Doctor-lah), I definitely pictured how a son would be inside my head not knowing that ‘boy’ is actually ‘syaza’ 🙂

Personally and quite honestly, I sort of very much looking forward for a son then! And look what happen to her today 🙂

Today, if you ask her whether she is a princess,  you easily will say something like, ‘NO WAY !’ or even perhaps ‘I M ROCK MAN!’ . She wears jeans 25 hours in a day, even her pyjamas sometimes has to be jeans or else she will bug you like nobody business.  Sometimes, I feel like she is apprearing as a girl in a skin of a boy 😀

Okay okay, I took half of the blame coz back then, my emotion said she was a boy and emotionally gearing for one. Hmm… Not so brilliant eh. Well, all mothers to be out there, go figure !

Have a gud day!

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