Marry or Not To Marry?

Hey 🙂

One of the favourite thing that many people do nowadays is getting married. Its like the ultimate thing in life? Oops… it is not afterall?

 Ok fine.  An outstation friend over YM chat imposed a typical question to me the other day that really knock my head. He loves me, but why is he delaying in proposing? What is there to wait? Do I wait?

Hmmm. Without even thinking (for serious, i hope) i said well he should not.  Personally, I have always believe that marriage is one thing that many of us do without even thinking. We just loving. What is there to think anyway!.  See this is what went wrong. Thinking too much when it comes to marry or not to marry.

Love, I believe is one noun that none of us really understand what it means. Trust me we dont. We say it often enough that we dont even understand what it means anymore.  We thought we love, but at the end of the day, we leave?  We feel love but again, we curse?  Well, till today I still cannot figure out how can someone who actually say, I love you only decides to walk out or leaves after say, 20 years or 3 years of loving. Wow there is an end to love? Think about it.  I dont love and stop loving.  If you really love, love it is. Full stop.

Thing is, live to this challenge my friend. If you think marriage is the answer, please do it. Dont think. But if you feel the need to think and believe me, thats not a good sign.  As simple as that. I thank God that I dont think that much back then. He he 🙂

Do you think then, gang?

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