Hey 🙂

24 July.  Its another birth day of the person I love almost most in my life.  While wishing him all the Doa and happiness in the world, i must say somehow or rather birthdays has always been a major ‘thing’ in my life.

Many dont really do this birth day thing, i m sure while many also looking forward to it. But perhaps today would be a good time for us to ponder how important and extravaganza this event is. Birth and day (Birthday) is definitely a significant event in women’s one life i m sure. What more if she is a mother, its like hey, its the ‘birth’ day of may be the first, second, third, bla bla so forth of birth of her children. Its like a rememberance of those long anxiety. The pain, the wait, the curiousity, the joy, the gratefulness you name it of that ‘forever’ nine months till the birth day finally appears 🙂

As for us as human, our day of birth would be a remarkable benchmark to actually make a pause, take a deep breath, look back and hey, what have I ve achieved? What have i become in this short life of ours.  We are all busy people i understand, so this would be a good moment in time to just make a short pause and think. Perhaps, this Birth Day would be a good start to even plan ahead what we want to be on our next birth day ? Hmmm

So anyway, to those who celebrate birthday today, its your day man! Enjoy!

May Allah blesses and may happiness will be our ultimate achievement of all time as years passes to mark our another birthday !

Take care.

3 Replies to “HAPPY BIRTH DAY”

  1. Please convey my birthday wish to him.. May he’ll be always blessed with good health and happiness with you beside him as you both walk together along the life path ;D


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