Along is 23 and still our baby :)

Happy 23rd birthday sweet Along Miza Syakirah 🙂

Happy 23rd Birthday Along!!

(*nota kaki, we snapped this photo on 30/4/2017 when you came back for your short break, thinking we are gonna miss it again this year on the actual day – #orang merantau mencari ilmu gitu lah ya sayang# –  We bought  your birthday presents that day and ate cake already)


Dearest Along,

Ibu never ran out of ideas and love on every birthday of yours.  Remember that time, when you were 1 year old, barely walking and with less hair then, with that red sexy dress?

Feels only yesterday when we blew your first candles together at Mama’s house in Kampung Baru at that time.

You were our first baby.  And forever will be our baby.  That is for sure.

Dear Along,

You have always been very kind, that Ibu remembers clearly.  You have always want to give away your things, sharing with someone else  That is why when your other siblings came, I hardly remember you ever fighting over a toy or almost anything.  You are always the one who give in.

You are firm no doubt, but lovingly ‘garang’ 😛

Your ayah was so young when you arrived on that beautiful Hari Raya Aidil Adha @ 21 May 1994 @ 11 Zul Hijjah.  He was not immediately sure of how to handle you then, but today he thinks of you mostly.

Along this, Along that.  He knows, you will be his backbone when we both are no longer here.

Both Ayah and Ibu know for sure in our heart that you will look after the families for us.  It is just in YOU.

So, happy birthday Baby.  You may be 23 years old today, but we will always be looking after you and your well being, InsyaAllah…  Kami doakan Along terus sukses dan menjadi Insan yang bertambah baik as day passes, InsyaAllah.

Never in our prayers that we forget you.  You forever will be the first name, Ibu and Ayah cite in our doa and solat.  Agar Along Miza Syakirah terus cemerlang di dunia ini dan di akhirat kelak.  Menjadi penerang jalan Ibu dan Ayah ke Syurga nanti, InsyaAllah.

Terus maju dengan semua cita-cita Along yang SANGAT banyak itu.  Go travel and see the world Sayang, Go be that ‘somebody’ that you always dream of,  I am very sure you are in the right track and will be there soon.

We love you tremendously hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, all of us do!!

Ibu will always be here, you know that right 🙂

Friends Who Stay..

You know life is very interesting.  It is indeed like a journey as many had said.  We evolve.  We change.  We become somebody else. That is just how it is…

Friendship however, probably is the only thing in our life that never change.  Its dormant, across the time.  We have different sets of friends as we aged, but they will always be your friend.

And they bring *fun* – which is a very important element for us to have a meaningful and beautiful life!

I used to say to my children that always do the best and never forget to have fun in whatever that you do.  Let it be your study, your deen, your sport activities, your leisure activities or whatever it is-lah.


And coming from that, I always remind myself too – to also be the best.  And to always be happy and have fun.  Sure I have my down days, but it shall pass eventually.  Time heals right?  Yes, at times I need my hubby to remind me of that.

But most of the times, my good friends would.  They will keep me sane when I feel like Im losing my mind and that my world seems ending.

My friends – my happy pills 🙂   They are like my stars.  I do not get to see them very often, but I know they are always there….

Well, I do not have tons of them, but Alhamdulillah enough 🙂

And I love them sincerely, and will never trade them with anything in this world, for as long as I live, Insya Allah.

Friendship is probably the only thing in life that does not change or evolve?

My Alhamdulillah for all of  YOUUUUUUUU….!!

On that note, yesterday was another fun day for me and my friends.  My usual buddies, like Sherry, Noor and Zana.

And my long lost friends like Era (tuan rumah yang sangat amazing and welcomed us all to her beautiful home),

Rose dan Yati yang sudah almost 26-ish years that I have not met!  oh yeah, that long (but we are not old hokay).  Too many stories to tell.

Oh and Tini, who drove all the wayyy from Ipoh just to meet us.  A day trip.  oh em ji.  Thank you sista!  You are our aspiration.

Ina, Noriah and Mawar,  who are dekat di hati tapi jauh nun di mata.  Hehe.  They are all just in KL area, but we hardly get the chance to meet.  Thanks to FB and such tho, that keep us connected all these while.

We had the best-est of time yesterday, too much fun.  Tak terucap oleh kata-kata saat-saat gembira itu 🙂

Masa berlalu just like that, cerita ceriti belum habis, dangggg its almost 6 pm already!

Rumah Era probably never that noisy ya babe?  hihi.  Neighbours did not complaint, did they? huhu.

We ate, we talked, we laughed, we giggled, we gossiped (oops) – but never we forget our friends who had left before us. Al Fatihah to all three of them 😦  InsyaAllah, they are in better place now.  Aamin.


We took so many photos too.  Pelbagai gaya dan macam macam rupa.  (Missing however are the birthday photos as Puan Rumah tidak properly covered with her hijab, but happy birthday dear Era, hope we surprised you yeah? 😛

For our memory it is, just a few photos, but here we are, yesterday.  Alhamdulillah… 🙂

Zana, Nor,Mawar, Yati, yours truly, Sherry, Rose, Era, Tini, Noor and Ina




Thank YOUUUU for being part of my journey and made my life more colourful and only happier!!!

*NotaKaki – we met as Allah SWT wills it – ITMCK/ITMCP class of 1988!

Rewards to self :)

If ai really take a calculator and kira, I have been working from 1991.  January 1991 to be exact.  My first job was with UIA.  It was in PJ at that time.

So pejam tak pejam, celik tak celik, it has been a longggg but happy 26 years.  Alhamdulillah.

Lama ok.  Tak caya cuba lah kira.






6..  hah kira lah sampai 26 😛  So trust me, its long.

I have no complaints about work and has been blessed with so many good friends and colleagues, not to mention bosses and semua baik baik – sumpah baik.


So, after 26 years of working, this year in 2017 – these are rewards to self.  Huhu.


ok work harder hani hihi.




Miza and Me

Salam Jumaat Mubarak 🙂

This is our firstborn, Miza Syakirah.

She wrote a lengthy appreciation post to her insta today together with below photo.  My first 2 seconds upon seeing her photo, I said in my heart, “Ya Allah, she looks exactly like me”.. 🙂

And so the myth says, if muka anak perempuan sama dengan muka Ibunya, panas lah, asyik gaduh la, this la that la.  Hehe

Ok let me confirm this about us – tru our own experience it is ya 🙂

Yes, we look very much alike (dah kata mak anak, satu acuan la kan).  On top notch, kalau ikut tahun kelahiran Cina, I falls under the zodiac of a dog.  She is also a zodiac of a dog.  Ok need to put more?  She is the eldest and I am the youngest, we could both be spoiled by parenting.  She is a Gemini that says strong character and attention seeker, well so am I.  I am a Leo maaa !


But truthfully said,  we just love each other too much!!.  I know she does not say it very often (so am I), but we love each other more than we love ourselves..

I have her in each of my solat and prayer, and I am very sure, she does  me too 🙂

So do we disagree? Do we fight?  Of course we do.  We are normal people with feelings and emotions.  But, we are sane people and rationale.  We speak our mind (mostly I do-lah kan hihi), but that’s about it.  We forgive and definitely forget soon after.

Years had passed and our baby girl dah blossomed into a mature beautiful woman dah today, Alhamdulillah.

Miza is a jovial, healthy, hyperactive and too kind of a person.  And Alhamdulillah she is loved by so many wherever she goes and be.

And InsyaAllah, seperti janji Rasulullah SAW, she and her other two sibs, Sarah Kamilia and Syaza Irdina InsyaAllah will be our tickets to Jannah…

  • Dengan sabda Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wa sallam,

من كان له ابنتان فأحسن إليهما كن له سترا من النار

“Siapa yang memiliki dua anak perempuan dan berbuat baik kepada keduanya, maka keduanya akan menjadi penghalangnya dari neraka.”

Demikian pula jika dia memiliki saudara perempuan, bibi atau semacamnya, lalu dia berbuat baik kepadanya, maka kami harapkan mereka semuanya akan menjadi penyebabnya masuk surga. Kerana apabila saja seseorang berbuat baik kepada mereka, maka dirinya akan mendapatkan pahala yang besar dan terhalang dari api neraka dengan amal baiknya’.



Sarah & Friends, together forever gurls!

Allah SWT is too kind with me.  Alhamdulillah.

Sometimes, rasa kecikkk sangattttt, rasa berdosaaaa sangat, for a sinner like me, yet Allah SWT Ar Rahman gives me so muchhh MasyaAllah 😦

And so today, Anakanda Sarah Kamilia’s day pulak.  For her hardwork and success in PT3 last year, her school recognized and rewarded her today.  And her best-test friends too.  Thank you Allah.  Thank you!!

Ini depa pagi tadi … 🙂

Nota gambar from right : (1) Irinna (2) Nurin (3) Sarah Dangdut 😛 (4) Ami (birthday today huhu) (5) Wani

Five of them are bee-ef-ef dari sekolah rendah to sekolah menengah.  And I adore their friendship.  Reminds me/Ibu of my very own.  I have a few friends too but enough, Alhamdulillah 🙂

Berkawan lah baik-baik sayang.  InsyaAllah sahabat-sahabat mu yang baik akan membawa mu ke Syurga Allah one day, InsyaAllah.

So congratulation girls for your PT3 2016 results.  Go and pursue your dreams !! and may your friendship last forever in this duniya and hereafter !

Nanti kita gi makan eskrem ek.  Ngan mommi mommi kamu yang juga berbangga dengan kejayaan kamu today.  Alhamdulillah.

Arwah Shiin sudah meninggalkan kita semua :(

An old dear friend passed away yesterday 😦

And upon her passing, had also reunited us all again – ITM CP/CK Class of 1988 – 1991.

Allahu ! It was simply magical of how very sad and gloomy  day can crack a bit of smile to our sad faces  – when we are all coming together for Allahyarham.  We were tearful and sad and happy at the same time that we gathered again and cited our Yassin and sedekah ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran 😦 … on that sad day for her.

Our classmate, someone who we used to brush shoulders with, spoken with, shared life with (sigh 😦 ) is now gone, taken too early…

And I just have to keep on telling myself Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’un… again and again, to stops tears from rolling down my cheek… that her time has come, and surely one day, it will be my turn too..

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un ( انّا للہ و انّا الیہ راجعون ).

“Sesungguhnya kami adalah kepunyaan Allah dan kepada Allah jualah kami kembali.”

(Sigh) 😦 had her face in my head.  Her face during her dying day, when we visited her last on Sunday, 9th April.

And I have her face in my head right now, in that Bilik Jenazah, dimandikan dan dikafankan.. 😦

That face that I used to know, who used to be my friend… … And I guess it must be my age, her passing really hit me.  I was teary and feeling too sad 😦

But Alhamdulillah ramainya ahli keluarga, saudara mara dan sahabat handai Allahyarhamah yang hadir in both hospital room and Masjid.  The hospital room was packed, the masjid was full with families and friends too.

And Alhamdulillah, from her families –  we came to know that her Sakaratul Maut was made easy and kind.  Alhamdulillah, Syukur Ya Allah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim – Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Pengasih dan Maha Penyayang….

She was gone, with everyone who she loved dearly next to her.

InsyaAllah, for all the pain and hardship that Allah SWT tested you with in this duniya will have its reward in your Akhirat, my friend.  I have faith!!

That is what Allah SWT promise both you and me…

So I bid my farewell to a friend yesterday… 😦 *crying

Sahabatku, Allahyarhamah Nazatul Shirin binti Mokhtar – damai dan tenanglah kamu di sana.  Selesai lah sudah urusan dunia mu.  Doa kan kami sentiasa juga…

Ber isti rehatlah bersama para solihah sementara kedatangan kami.

Ya Allah Al Malik, Al Mutakabbir, kami mohon ampunkanlah segala dosa-doa sahabat kami Ya Allah.  Kasih dan kasihanilah beliau.  Redha lah dengan segala sedekah jariah and amalan baik beliau, sesungguhnya dari Kamu kami datang Ya Allah, dan kepadaMu lah kami Pulang jua..

Our friend, Shiin passed away peacefully at 10.22 am yesterday 10 April 2017..

Many of us were there yesterday, the faces from the past and we were hugging each other and giving each other strength to remind us all of our friendship and Silaturrahim that we used to have and will now continue to bloom.  May Allah SWT also showers us with barakah with our friendship.

And when its our time, may our friends also will be there to spare their bacaan Yassin, doa and say goodbyes.. 😦

Al Fatihah… 😦